mPRE | Wyred 4 Sound
Fully balanced, Dual mono design with Next generation input and output buffers
Built-in ESS DAC which supports 24 bit 192 kHz on all digital inputs with Galvanically isolated, asynchronous USB input
Headphone amplifier with Remote Control and 12V DC trigger input and output
Discrete input and output buffers that is Fully balanced and features Robust construction


Stereo Pre-amp with Built-In DAC

The pre-amplifier is often the unsung hero of the music lover’s audio system. Its job is to provide attenuation while remaining as transparent as possible. The existence of noise, distortion, coloration or other aural ugliness prevents your investment from meeting its full potential.

Knowing the importance of a good pre-amp, we designed our mPRE. We began by building the mPRE around fully balanced circuits that actively reject noise and lower distortion though the entire signal chain, from input to output. Then we added an analog volume control and completely separate power supplies for the right and left channels to further remove noise, produce holographic imaging and bring out the finest details in your music. Also included is a solid performing headphone stage that offers remarkably dynamic and authoritative sound quality.

If that’s not enough, this state-of-the-art pre-amp has a built-in DAC that boasts much of the technology found in our stand-alone digital-to-analog convertors, making the mPRE a truly outstanding product at a very compelling price.


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Price: $1,099.00
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