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dedicated music server with high power i7 cpu, automatic cd ripping, and internal ssd storage
i3 cpu, quad core 7th generation cpu, 16 gb ddr4 ram
Digital muisc applications
Spotify, Squeezebox
Backup muisc library, rip your CDs
easy setup, full roon ready


Music Server

All-new for 2017, we proudly present the next era of our music servers. With the power, features and ease-of-use expected by today’s savvy audiophile, the new MS music server allows you to manage, stream and enjoy digital music like never before.

Manage your music today, our Music Server (MS) helps you do it easily and efficiently. Just as important, the MS provides the absolute highest quality digital audio for your DAC to process. Reference quality digital outputs include USB (Linux compatibility required), S/PDIF, and I²S.

The minute you insert a CD into the tray, our Music Server immediately goes to work ripping your music as high-quality FLAC files. Unlike inexpensive boxes that are built on software platforms designed for a work station, our server uses software designed solely for digital audio playback of the highest quality. Our entire server’s processing power is devoted solely to music playback and managing your music library.

The MS comes with an internal hard drive, offer resolution up to 32/384 kHz and DSD, can be controlled wirelessly with either Apple, PC, or Android devices (now full Roon Core Server), play internet radio and support drag-and-drop transfer of music from your computer or NAS drive. The i7 Performance Package comes with an incredible Solid State Hard Drive for even better performance.

Our new MS Music Server is equipped with the highest powered internal parts and built to the highest quality standards to assure state of the art performance and reliability that you have come to expect, only from Wyred 4 Sound!

Below are some screen shots from the Roon control software.


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List price: $2,999.00
Price: $2,999.00
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Select only a hard drive option for the package that was chosen. An i3 HDD/SSD for the i3 Package, or an i7 SSD for the i7 Package.

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