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dac-2 is a class A digital preamplifier with remote control W4S-DAC-2v2 Series DAC-2v2 Series $1,899.00
Flagship dac using the ESS Sabre 9028PRO 32 bit DAC chip and W4S proprietary discrete output stages for optimum sonics W4S-DAC-2v2SE - Trade-in 2yw DAC-2v2SE - Trade in Units! $1,799.00
Fully balanced, Dual mono design with Next generation input and output buffers W4S-mPRE mPRE $699.00
Utilizes latest generation (ASX2) ICEpower with Up to 460wpc in 8Ω, 775wpc in 4Ω and Vacuum Fluorescent Display W4S-STI STI-v2 Series $1,499.00
W4S-DAC1LE-trade in 1yw DAC-1LE (Black) Trade in $449.55
W4S-DAC1LE-trade in 1yw DAC-1LE (Silver) Trade in $449.55
ESS Sabre 9026PRO 32 bit DAC chip, ESS Time Domain Jitter Eliminator, and USB galvanic isolation W4S-DAC-1v2 DAC-1v2 - Trade in! $649.50
Mono-block Amplifier Utilizes latest generation (ASX2) ICEpower and 3rd Generation fully balanced input stage with impedance of 100k W4S-mAMP mAMP $699.99