C1 Ultra Analog RCA | Wyred 4 Sound
Silver coated multi-gauge, multi-strand 99.99% OFC copper and Ultra-low loss Foam Polyethylene dielectric
100% Aluminum Mylar shielding construction, Less than 30pf of capacitance per foot, and Less than 0.009 ohms of impedance per foot

C1 Ultra Analog RCA

Interconnect cable

Boasting silver coated multi-gauge, multi-strand 99.99% OFC copper on the inside and 110% aluminum Mylar shielding on the outside, this cable brings remarkable value to your Hi-Fi system. Measuring at less than 30pf of capacitance and under 0.009 ohms per foot, this cable is constructed to reveal micro dynamics and accurately portray upper-mid frequencies. Available in standard lengths up to 9.0 meters and even longer upon request, we will custom build the cable to best fit your installation.

Note: Typical burn-in time is 100 hours.

Cables are sold in pairs.

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Price: $139.00
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